Why Should I Buy Leds?


  • Economy. PremierLeds will show you how to reduce your future or current relamping costs with LED arrays that:
    • Last an average of 100,000 hours (or about ten years).
    • Withstand shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps.
    • Are 10 to 50 times more energy-efficient, thus reducing your operating costs by up to 90%.
  • Beauty. LEDs produce sharp, vibrant colors… even pure white. Response times are 100 to 1,000 times faster than incandescents so there’s no flicker — just pure dramatic light.
  • Versatility. Every day, LEDs are replacing incandescent lamps all around the world. The only limit is your imagination.


Soon to come:


Discounted products that we have on backstock are at huge blowout prices!!! More than 50% off the Manufacturer's price! That's us!!! Please visit this page often as changes can be added or taken off at anytime.


 PremierLed Features: 

  • Five Year Warranty
  • PremierLed lamps are designed for 80,000 hours of continuous operation
  • PremierLed lamps are weatherproof IP68
  • Leds are mounted to provide maximum luminance at desired angles to the area to be lighted
  • Lab tested in accordance with IES Standards
  • Solid-state, high-shock/vibration resistant
  • Long-life LEDs are maintenance-free for over 6 years of continuous use
  • Dark Skies” Initiative-friendly — Reduces light pollution
  • "Instant On" with no delay in re-strike

PremierLed Benefits:

  • Major Energy Reduction
  • LED Bulb reduces Light Pollution (wasted light)
  • LED Bulb enhances Night Vision (optical acuity) and promotes Better Visibility
  • LED Bulb has longer life than HPS or other HID lamps
  • LED Bulb produces little or NO Disability Glare or Discomfort Glare as compared with HIGH glare from HID lamps
  • LED Bulb has high Color Rendering Index (80-90%), enhancing all colors
  • LED Bulb eliminates light intrusion into residences, offices, stores
  • LED Bulb has NO Ultraviolet (UV), so it DOES NOT attract insects
  • LED Bulb Saves Energy which, in turn, Saves Money


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