Street Lamps

Without a doubt  PremierLed®  has the better designed street lamp in the market... It’s versatile, powerful, and its electronic development allows 3 different configurations from the same optical base.  These configurations manage to satisfy all the needs with urban illumination, avenues, and freeways where the distance between posts is up to 30 meters (approxiamately 100 ft). On secondary streets where a greater cover is needed, from lower heights and public places, produces more benefits and savings in a much shorter term.

PremierLed Features:


  • Five Year Warranty
  • PremierLed lamps are designed for 80,000 hours of continuous operation
  • PremierLed lamps are weatherproof IP68
  • Leds are mounted to provide maximum luminance at desired angles to the area to be lighted
  • Lab tested in accordance with IES Standards
  • Solid-state, high-shock/vibration resistant
  • Long-life LEDs are maintenance-free for over 6 years of continuous use
  • “Dark Skies” Initiative-friendly — Reduces light pollution
  • "Instant On" with no delay in re-strike

PremierLed Benefits:


  • Major Energy Reduction
  • LED Bulb reduces Light Pollution (wasted light)
  • LED Bulb enhances Night Vision (optical acuity) and promotes Better Visibility
  • LED Bulb has longer life than HPS or other HID lamps
  • LED Bulb produces little or NO Disability Glare or Discomfort Glare as compared with HIGH glare from HID lamps
  • LED Bulb has high Color Rendering Index (80-90%), enhancing all colors
  • LED Bulb eliminates light intrusion into residences, offices, stores
  • LED Bulb has NO Ultraviolet (UV), so it DOES NOT attract insects
  • LED Bulb Saves Energy which, in turn, Saves Money