Flexible LED Rolls

Perhaps the most versatile product which has been created with LEDs! The product has an 8mm width, which allows it to settle almost anywhere. The cables come rated for interiors or exteriors in different colors and intensities, and just by the size of the product, it has infinate possibilities in decoration.  PremierLED flexible LED rolls can mix colors and with programmed sequences, can give new life to spaces and advertising products.  The low power consumption and cost make this product the star in illumination on decoration and design.The waterproof LED flexible ribbon incorporates a silicon flexible circuit board and SMD LED technology.  It can be bent to a maximum radius of 2cm.  The SMD LED’s are dimmable (255 levels) and color controllable using linear modulation covering the entire RGB visual spectrum.

Dimensions 5mts x 0.8 cm 5mts x 1.0 cm

3528 SMD 120º opeing

5050 SMD 120º opening

Operation and consumption

0.42 amp • 12vDC • 5 w/mt


1.2 amp • 12vDC • 7w • 14.4 w /mt



1300-1650 mcd/led 

2500-5000 mcd/led

LED’s quantity

60 & 120 LED p/ mt

30 & 60 LED p/mt

Useful life

80,000 hrs • IP65 • 5 years guarantee

80,000 hrs • IP65 • 5 years guarante